This combination does nothing, and Ctrl+Shift+Window+Down makes the Excel window go away. Today I did some searching and I found some posts that said that there were other users of Remote Desktop Connection who were having problems with the Shift/Alt/Control keys not being recognized in RDP after the latest Windows 10 update. Also, I tried holding ctrl (right side) +shift (right side of the keyboard)+left/right arrow, and it is working, but it is highlighting text much slower than on the left side on a normally working keyboard. this is for both shift keys. For instance, using CTRL+Shift+ESC brings up the Task Manager. Shift a not working in Drivers and Hardware all of a sudden the shift and a do not work at all (no capital a and no lower case a) this is from using the keyboard and the osk.exe on screen keyboard. However, Ctrl+Shift+Across (arrow) still … I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear, but the speed seems to be different when using the right side vs. the left side of the keyboard. Fix Laptop Control (CTRL) Keys That Won't Work Latest update on April 15, 2020 at 04:17 AM by Aoife McCambridge . Most laptops have at least one Control ( CTRL ) key… The issue is not exclusive to a certain Windows version as it’s confirmed to occur on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. However when i'm in CS: GO it appears my control and shift buttons will not function at all, even when i go on key bindings and try to re-map the duck button i'm pressing my left control and nothing is happening. Some users are saying that even if they connect an external keyboard, the CTRL key still doesn’t work. Several users have been reporting that they are suddenly unable to use the left CTRL-key on their laptop or computer. My left control and shift keys aren't working in CS: GO anymore, I know that it's not my keyboard because the buttons still work when i close the game etc. Ctrl+Shift+Down not working in Excel after Windows 10 / Excel 2016 upgrade My system was upgraded to Windows 10 and Excel 2016 two weeks ago, and since then, the Excel key combination Ctrl+Shift+Down (arrow) doesn't work to select cells.

control and shift keys not working

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