I changed the name of the garage room to something else. I didn’t have to remove my multi to get rid of it… In your position, I would request ST support to get rid of it for you. Will give it a shot tmrw morning! Chamberlain Group offers step-by-step directions for deleting myQ devices via the myQ app. Setting the hub back to factory default erases the Wi-Fi settings, erases door sensors, removes the device from the MyQ account, and clears any remotes and/or keyless entries that have been programmed to it. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again. Hope it helps @thegalianos @mklano. Real-time data to track goals and manage productivity. How to remove devices from your myQ account. Please post how to remove if you figure it out. When I try to Uninstall from the iOS I get “Device still in use. I was using a different setup with non magnetic part of multi and RefreshMyQ app. Any more detail on this step would be appreciated. I have to get rid of it as well…. I had similar issues and I still do. https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list . I am having the same issue and have tried everything … it just will not delete and now it’s USELESS. I re-created the the room ‘Garage’ and tried to add the MyQ door in to it but it is not available. When I open the app on my Apple watch I had access to the device. One of these days, when I call ST support, I will try to have them remove it. In IDE and in the app I can’t delete MyQ: Garage Door Opener under My Devices or copy-ninja : MyQ (Connect) under SmartApps or copy ninja : MyQ Garage Door Opener under Device Types. Otherwise, you may have trouble with conflicting profiles. Account & Lists Sign in boswell life of johnson epub reader Account. Then click the trash can icon next to the place. myQ devices are designed to have one host at a time. Note: If you are trying to remove a 3rd party device, such as a thermostat, from your myQ Account, please see article, How do I link the myQ App to a 3rd party account? Got rid of the apps tied to it but still was getting some error (null exceptions on door_name) while trying to get rid of the device. My husband decided he wanted the “home” under his average and I would be co-owner so I deleted the device from my “home” and he invited me to his. I’m upgrading to the hub v2 and what a pain to remove all these apps. Select the place you want to delete. So either 1. help to get back in room ‘garage’ , or 2. help delete to start over . Note: myQ® accounts are maintained within the myQ smartphone app.To create a new myQ account download the free app, available for Android and iPhone. Hi, I’m running into the same problem as these other folks and can’t figure out where you mean for me to go when you say " into the SmartApp/Service Manager" to remove acceleration/contact sensors. Long story…the MyQ was not working in Routines so when I messed around with it I did something to the MyQ device. You can’t link the garage door opener to both myQ account and Alarm.com. I want to delete anything to do with MyQ and start over. I can’t Uninstall it from iOS because I get a "Device still in use. You have to remove the contact sensor/acceleration sensor first because that’s causing the cicular reference and disallowing you to remove the app. Manage your account. I’m having the same issue, can’t uninstall MyQ smartapp from iPhone- says unexpected error. I went ahead and changed the type of device to some arbitrary device in the IDE, saved it and then was able to delete it successfully. When you delete a hub from the account, it will remove all myQ devices. They are very helpful. They are putting a ticket now into engineering to help out. Smartthings deleted all devices but could not delete the MyQ devices or apps. Our library has resources to help you if you're having trouble with the myQ app. I want to delete anything to do with MyQ and start over. Delve into the time-saving world of home automation with myQ smart home products from Chamberlain. Its in use by MyQ Connect. Note: myQ® accounts are maintained within the myQ smartphone app.To create a new myQ account download the free app, available for Android and iPhone. These are the step by step instructions for deleting a device from a myQ account. Can you help me delete or modify my device / smart app? Right now the door is nowhere. I attached the log file screen shot. If you already have one, log into the MyQ app. I have gone in circles with this topic. Proceed to My Services page to get detailed look. Should I create a new account and start over? I have to use the Chamberlain App to open/close my garage doors. But, then I ran the MyQ app from Marketplace --> SmartApps, setup a new device , which is working fine… Yes, I still got the old device and app installed… But, at this point, I don’t care. If you are running Polyglot v1 and Polyglot v2 at the same time, make sure to delete the v1 MyQ node server configuration in the ISY (and manually delete the nodes, if they don't clear) before adding the v2 MyQ poly to Polyglot v2. In the IDE, does it allow to get rid of the MyQ connect? Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list.

delete myq account

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