The goal was a quick US capitulation allowing Japan to continue imperial expansion. Be immersed in the details of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor and soar above the important sites that played a part in the “Day of Infamy.” Relive history as you retrace the steps of the Army and Navy airmen in the days following the bombing. The Japanese military began laying plans to attack Pearl Harbor as early as January 1941. The attack directly led to the United States’ entrance into World War Two. The attack on Pearl Harbor ranks as the most successful military surprise attack in the early years of combined naval/aerial combat. Although it was Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto who initiated the plans for the attack on Pearl Harbor, Commander Minoru Genda was the plan's chief architect. The attack on Pearl Harbor had the opposite effect. From that decision to attack the officially-neutral power, a series of consequences was set into motion that changed the course of history forever. The sons and daughters of all Americans went to war in the--292- … The isolationists in our populace became patriotic Americans. Pearl Harbor Warbirds offers the best Hawai‘i flight adventure tours available. The Japanese assumption about the feelings of the American people was completely wrong. The following article on Japanese diplomacy before Pearl Harbor is an excerpt from John Koster’s Operation Snow: How a Soviet Mole in FDR’s White House Triggered Pearl Harbor. Even the Japanese who were American citizens gave an outstanding account of themselves. The Japanese used the code name "Operation Hawaii" for the attack. The greatest flaw in the Japanese attack was the American carriers being out at sea, saving these very important battlefield pieces for future use. The Attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service upon the United States (a neutral country at the time) against the naval base at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, just before 08:00, on Sunday morning, December 7, 1941.The attack led to the United States' formal entry into World War II the next day. The surprise attack by the Japanese Navy against the American fleet at Pearl Harbor reaped some initial, albeit limited, results as U.S. Every drastic action comes with consequences. Naval activity out of Hawaii was temporarily disrupted. The other time we as a country were united for a cause — one that actually lasted more than a few months — was immediately following the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan on the morning of Dec. On December 7th, 1941, Japan surprised the United States in one of the most stunning moves of the war by bombing the naval base at Pearl Harbor. That state of mind did not persist among our citizens after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. On December 7, 1941 the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service struck the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory. They hoped that the defeat at Pearl Harbor would be so devastating, that Americans would immediately give up.

japanese expansion and the bombing of pearl harbor

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