Evidence destroyed by fire. Water slowly swelled into my waders, all clothes, my hair were wet, but the good thing was that I was holding the trout tight under my body. I did not wait for any single second and jump on the fish right into the water. Its nothing you want in -2 C even you are wearing wool clothes. It's an absolute monster, as well. Catching the largest rainbow trout. No date/also method of capture unknown. The alltackle world record steelhead was caught on September 5th, 2009 with a spinning rod.The fisher, Sean Konrad, is part of a dynasty of world record holders, together with Adam his brother and previous record holder. A fisherman has reportedly reeled in a record after hooking what’s said to be the largest-ever wild brown trout caught in a river in Northern Ireland. The trout escaped from my hands and was slowly swimming away. 8 lb Burbot largest ever recorded in England, caught from the river Trent around 1700–1800. An American ice fisherman has shattered a 62 year old record for the largest lake trout ever caught in New Hampshire. 38 lb Ferox Brown Trout caught by old Willie Maule. 83lb 4oz Mirror Carp "Big Plated" caught from Wingham syndicate carp lake in Kent, November 2017. No record claimed - angler wanted no publicity.

largest trout ever caught

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