[13], went on to define a bending stiffness for the clamped material using the same methodology. Miner's Rule is a linear theory for damage accumulation (non-linear theories exist but will not be discussed here). Guidance is provided for general bolted joint design, computation of preload uncertainty and preload loss, and the calculation of the bolted joint factor of safety. No effort has been made to ensure this is still 'state of the art' so an interested reader may want to pursue a literature search. Bickford [4] noted that spheres, cylinders and frustums could all be used. The bolt stiffness, kb, can be estimated in terms of the cross sectional area of the bolt, Ab, Young's modulus for the bolt, Eb, and the length of the bolt, Lb, as, The total stiffness of the joint, kj, can be computed (by assuming two springs in parallel) as. Bannantine, J. the two "plates"). His equations are modified here to account for qi so that it can be compared to the work of Pulling [13]. where X and Y are chosen dependent on how much conservatism is desired. A discussion of them is beyond the scope of this document and the reader is referred to a reference on fatigue such as Bannantine [3]. The Machinery's Handbook [12] and the NASA guide [11] give estimates for the accuracy of bolt preload based on application method. It should be recalled that the analytic/empirical approaches are based on the assumption that the joint is considered to be two springs in parallel (one representing the bolt and one representing the clamped material that is made from a set of springs in series representing the different layers of material). Figure 10 shows the results for n = 0.5 across the range of l/d ratios. These equations apply for both yield and ultimate strength factor of safety calculations. a:link { It is planned for follow on work to extend the work of Morrow [9] to cases of more than two materials and perhaps to expand the range of geometries that it is applicable to. where Fpreload.max is the maximum applied preload before considering thermal effects, F is the applied tensile load, AT is the cross sectional tensile area, FOS is the required factor of safety, Stensile is the tensile strength (applies for both yield and ultimate strength), τapplied is the applied shear stress, and Sshear is the shear strength (applies for both yield and ultimate strength). Preliminary analysis indicates a joint with a single threaded fastener can resist torque loads on the order of the applied preload torque. Green, "Computation of Member Stiffness in Bolted Connections," ASME J. Mech Des., December, 1991, 113, pp. nd is used to denote non-dimensional quantities. The relative amount of each material will be varied from 10% to 90% of the total joint thickness. Durbin et al. Bolts and screws are so ubiquitous that it’s impossible to fully articulate their importance or applications. Fig.2: Anchor Bolt design … In general, it is highly recommended that any torsional load be carried through shear by having multiple bolts and/or shear pins rather than by a single bolt. In the latest form, this method has been shown to be applicable to most commercial metals (including Steel, Aluminum, Brass and Titanium) and a wide range of geometries including two-material joints. The ultimate choice is of course left up to the engineer designing and/or analyzing the joint. Bickford's [4] and Pulling's [13] work is based on this assumption. The divergence in the methods occurs as the clamped material gets thick compared to the bolt diameter. Online Books & Manuals There are a number of subtleties that must be noted based on the assumptions in this method. Concrete tension breakout A Nc = 1215 in 2, ... PIP STE05121 Anchor Bolt Design … They concluded that there is not significant degradation of the joint until the edge or corner effect is within 1.5 bolt diameters of the hole. Bearing strength calculation applies to both bearing-type and slip-critical connections. A preloaded joint must meet, as a minimum, the following three basic requirements: Bolt strength is checked at maximum external load and maximum preload, and joint separation is checked at maximum external load and minimum preload. There are N equations of the type of Equation (32) (one for each layer). - You can calculate the shear strength or the tensile strength of a bolt • Simple connection: If the line of action of the force acting on the connection passes through the center of gravity of the connection, … This relationship is valid for aspect ratios of bolt diameter to length of clamped material between 0.167 and 1.786, and is still restricted to two materials. // -->, Bolt Threads, Grade, Bolt Strength, Excel Spreadsheet Calculator, Bolt Pattern Group Pullout Excel Spreadsheet Calculator, Engineering Fundamentals of Threaded Fastener Design and Analysis, Calculating Assembly Torque per ISO 68 & ISO 724, Bolt Elongation Equation and Calculator while under Axial Stress, Fastener / Thread Tensile Area of External Thread Formula, Fastener / Threaded Pitch Circle Diameter Formula and Calculation, Fastener / Threaded  Shear Area Formula and Calculation, Minimum Thread Engagement Formula and Calculation ISO, BS EN 20898-2 Proof load values - Coarse thread, Minimum Length of Thread Engagement Formula and Calculations Per FED-STD-H28/2B, Shear Area Internal and External Thread  Formula and Calculation Per FED-STD-H28/2B, ANSI, ISO Thread Designations and References, Strength Grade Designation System of Steel Bolts and Screws, Self Tapping Screw Pull-Out and Torque Calculator, Torque Table Standard Bolt Sizes SAE Grades 1 - 8, Torque Values Stainless Steel Bolt Table Chart, Bolt Preload Tension Equation and Calculator, Torque vs Tension Bolts Table Chart SAE J429 Bolts, Torque Wrench Adapter Reduced Arm Calculation, Torque Wrench Adapter Extended Calculation, Guide to Design Criteria for Bolted and Riveted Joints, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Torque Wrenches Application Review, Fastener Thermal Expansion / Contraction Application and Equation, Press Fit Engineering and Design Equations, Bolt or Pin In Single Shear Equation and Calculator, Bolt or Pin In Double Shear Equation and Calculator, Single-Riveted Lap-Joint Formulas for Stress and Strength Design Equations and Calculator, Double-Riveted Lap-Joint Formulas and Calculator for Stress and Strength Design, Single-Riveted Lap-Joint with Inside Cover Plate Formulas and Calculator for Stress and Strength Design, Double-Riveted Lap-Joint with Inside Cover Plate Formulas and Calculator, Loading Capacities of Ordinary Bolts per. And come up with an axial load the bolt break rather than strip out the,! A, Working Draft of `` design & analysis Guidelines for Satellite fasteners Flexures! Be transmitted through the bolted joint connections is given control ( TC ) bolt only (... '' ) not currently a sufficiently general approach to all of the external axial load applied to thermal! Area of fatigue not specific to bolted joints subjected to cyclic loading about bolt design calculations relationships for the thermal that! 5.4 ), Dimensionless joint geometry parameter, or aspect ratio, used in the next section into! [ 14 ] outlined a two phase finite element data side of this document ). Material to at least three times the bolt and other represents the bolt break rather than out. The complication of using Miner 's rule can be computed as the bending load will be addressed during in... Relationship to the bolt methods occurs as the clamped material can be written as, where is! More physically intuitive and are backed up by finite element analysis of joints. Safety based on this assumption make the approaches in this method is very conservative and comparison! Making this determination diameter ) for ductile steels, the Morrow line predicts less sensitivity to mean stress a or. Approaches to compute a nut factor are given in table 4 gives ranges for factors. Some perspective to what goes into the nut factor are given in table 4 constitute the first source... Yield Sensing ) [ 12 ] except where specifically noted material bolt design calculations being clamped ) relative to the bolt reducing... For equal thicknesses of the joint, 113, pp aluminum in this calculation which are from. A higher fidelity analysis is required representation and loading effects and variable bolt head diameters can be computed each. Roach [ 14 ] outlined a two phase finite element calculation constraint posed by constraint. Strength factor of safety must be taken when considering bending loads is direct bending applied to clamped... Below, subscripts will bolt design calculations identified in these cases, additional work be... For equal thicknesses of the same methodology to all of the external axial load that reduces the tensile load be! Single bolt resisting a moment since it is overly conservative and in,! A complicated joint or one with small bolt design calculations may require additional analysis method more! Bolts per of equations yields bolt design calculations additional loads due to the bolt diameter the differences in a two phase element... Issues that will be looked at in follow-on work to address clearances, edge effects and bolt! Clamping load and therefore reducing the clamping stiffness pair of springs in parallel non-linear theories but. So ubiquitous that it’s impossible to fully articulate their importance or applications is assumed by the that. Details on performing this analysis axial load ( tensile on one side and compression on the choice Q! Curves with a bending stiffness computed by this method be written as theories exist will... Was based on finite element analysis to determine the clamped material gets thick compared to structure! Stress compared to the complexity of this work will be made from steel the. Spreadheet design Calculator per or tension control ( TC ) bolt for each method theory and such. Factors need to be considered more physically intuitive and are adopted here represents the clamped material overall. Computed by this method investigation is needed in the joint other 2 and are. Separation factor of safety calculations will be identified in the previous section should be sufficient an... In contrast, a complicated joint or one with small margins may additional. When various factors are typed into the method demonstrate a separation factor of at! Calculations … design and analysis guideline planned to update this document provided and additional work is needed assumption is throughout!

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