Usnea is a type of lichen that grows on trees. The plant body of usnea is used to make medicine. The HMPC concluded that, on the basis of its long-standing use, these Iceland moss preparations can be used as a demulcent (soothing agent) for treating mouth and throat irritation and associated dry cough, as well as to treat temporary loss of appetite.. Iceland moss medicines should only be used in adults for treating temporary loss of appetite. Among the traditional existent communities in Brazilian semi-arid, Lodoño-Castañeda (2010), selected Pankararu people for ethnobotanical studies, and observed that indigenous people use higher plants and also lichens for medicinal purposes. Lichens grow in colorful, flat patches. There are over 600 species of usnea that grow across the world and many of these species are interchangeably used. Among the 156 respondents, use percentages were high (51%) for medicinal values … This way, in this paper we show the use of Health benefits of Usnea. (A lichen, btw, is basically Usnea benefits for health should be taken with caution | Well+Good Usnea, a lichen with some potential medicinal properties, may have some health benefits. Usnea is a lichen, which is a symbiotic relationship between an alga and a fungus. This lichen is edible and often was used as a soup thickener by early settlers to North America. The traditional medicinal uses of 60 lichen … Lichens are used in traditional and ethnic medicine since long time. Usnea may be whitish, reddish, or black. Medicinal value (MV), ritual and spiritual value (RSV), food value (FV), aesthetic and decorative value (ADV), bedding value (BV) and ethno-veterinary value (EVV) are the major uses of lichens. Knowledge of these medicinal uses is available to us because of the contributions of traditional knowledge holders in these cultures. Lichens are used in traditional medicines by cultures across the world, particularly in temperate and arctic regions. While usnea is certainly a medicinal herb, it’s not a flowering plant! Though lichens appear to be single plants, they are really a combination of fungus and algae that grow together for their mutual benefit. Lichens are used in traditional medicine by cultures across the world, particularly in temperate and arctic regions. report was found in traditional use of lichens in this region.

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