Jasper states that although they fought on different sides, she respected the military tactics that Rose used during the war. Both carry swords designed for incapacitating opponents. Gem Homeworld (formerly)Crystal Gems (leader; formerly) We can leave our old lives behind. This side of her personality seems at odds with the all-loving side of her, perhaps reflecting how the beauty of Earth and its lifeforms greatly affected her. Rose tended to explore the cities and socialize much more than the rest of the Crystal Gems, who secluded themselves from the rest of the world until Steven's birth. 5. Both have normally cheerful personalities but can become very serious when their allies are threatened. Rose bears a similarity to Ishtar, the Mesopotamian goddess of love, desire, fertility, beauty, war, combat, and political power. Steven Universe Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. 3. Pink diamond This implies that the symbol may have been adopted as a sign of respect and grief for Rose after she gave up her physical form. With the revelation that Pink Diamond was, in fact, Rose Quartz, Steven's feelings towards his mother remain mixed. "[6] Following the revelation that Rose was Pink Diamond, the remaining Crystal Gems, notably Sapphire, feel a mixture of confusion and anger for Rose's deception. At one point about 5,000 years prior to the events of the series, Rose led the Crystal Gems in a rebellious war against the Homeworld Gems on the Gem Battlefield and wins. Rose Quartz was the founder and former leader of the Crystal Gems. And she really loved music, and she really loved Dad. Both have violent pasts and fought in rebellions against oppressive regimes (Kenshin fought against the Tokugawa Shogunate during Japan's Meiji Restoration and Rose fought for Earth's independence from the Great Diamond Authority). 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3.1 Fusions 3.2 Skillset 3.3 Unique Abilities 3.4 Weaponry 4 Gemology 5 Gemstone 6 Gallery Rose Quartz has an appearance similar to that of other Rose Quartzes, as she is tall and bulky with a pink color scheme. This possibility is further supported in "The Trial". Oh, them? She is pansexual because she had romantic relationships with fellow feminine-presenter Pearl, Steven's human father Greg, and, as implied by the series, a number of other partners spanning genders. She also had defined lips with a pale pink color, bright-peach skin, and a taller and heavier build than the other Crystal Gems, due to being a quartz. Rose Quartz is a Crystal Gem, and an original character that appears in Steven Universe. During her rebellion, Rose directly attacked Blue Diamond's Cloud Arena and later expresses regret over leaving Garnet at her mercy. Currently, the group has one Korean member, two Thai members and two members from Myanmar. A natural leader, Rose Quartz had a sensitive and loving personality. Hybrid Fusions: Obsidian (Steven fusion) • Rainbow Quartz 2.0 • Smoky Quartz • Steg • Stevonnie • Sunstone . 2. Alignment Music Theme "Gem Glow" (pictured)"Laser Light Cannon" (mentioned; pictured)"An Indirect Kiss" (statue)"Lion 3: Straight to Video" (tape)"Story for Steven" (in-person debut; flashback) They are the sister group of 316 and also has foreign members as well. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in Earth's continental crust, behind feldspar. Rose Quartz is a cheap and abundant stone, and is frequently used for jewelry, often appearing in the shape of hearts and roses. However, they still share her objectives and understand her actions to some level. Rose Quartz had very long, and curly pink hair styled in thick, tube-like ringlets. I want to live here with human beings! Hundreds of years ago, Lion traveled with Rose Quartz in a pack of lions when she visited the Desert. In "The Return", it is revealed by Jasper that Rose Quartz was a masterful tactician, a crucial skill that earned her renown. Rose Quartz is a character from Steven Universe. This version was taken for fact by both sides of the war, which eventually culminated in the use of the Corrupting Light by the Great Diamond Authority. "Greg the Babysitter" revealed that Rose knew Sour Cream for a short while, though only while he was a baby. Status Gender Pronoun Because the group is multilingual and … According to her, she couldn't wait for him to join them. Unfused Gems: Amethyst • Biggs Jasper • Bismuth • Lapis Lazuli • Larimar • Pearl • Peridot • Ruby • Sapphire • Snowflake Obsidian It was implied by Ian Jones-Quartey that Rose was indeed a Quartz Gem, repeating that her name is Rose Quartz (with emphasis on "Quartz"), never confirming or denying that she was a Quartz Gem or not. This page was last changed on 7 September 2019, at 04:07. Voice Actor Rose Quartz. "Bismuth" also highlights Rose's capacity for deception through Bismuth, whom she poofed and bubbled after she created the Breaking Point, a weapon designed to shatter their enemies during the war. Both are considered to be very wise, understanding, benevolent beings and have a love for humans and life on Earth. Friend(s) Rose fought during the gem war wielding a sword and a shield. Rose quartz stones that are nearly transparent are sometimes cut to make flat surfaces called facets, to better reflect light. The Spirit Morph Saga: Archimicarus • Lisa • Plinkman • Wind Lizard, Groups: Light Army • Blue Monsters • Green Monsters • Indigo Monsters • Orange Monsters • Red Monsters. Rose Quartz Crystal Intention for Embracing Self-Love: When working with Rose Quartz for embracing self-love, use the following crystal intention: I love myself fully. [5] In "The Trial", he comes to admit she was guilty of her crimes and calls her a war criminal, showing that Steven now sees his mother as one of the causes of turmoil in his life and blames her for that, seeing her now as a criminal whose crimes he must atone for. While she knew they couldn't exist at the same time and thus never got to meet her son, Rose cherished Steven even before his birth, showing nothing but pride and happiness for the kind of person he would become. Affiliation(s) Rose admitted to having loved other humans before loving Greg. Susan Egan An example of this is Ishtar often being portrayed alongside her seven lions. In "Ocean Gem" Greg stated she enjoyed hard rock and roll fitting in with this trait. Rose Quartz is Steven's mother and the original leader of The Crystal Gems. Pure. `` [ 2 ] portrayed alongside her seven lions the blast emitted the!, having a great impact on others is rarely found as a Diamond mineral in Earth 's continental,... Spare their feelings about her betrayal the DVD cover of the inspirations for the DVD of. And former leader of the Crystal Gems a pack of lions when she visited the.... But most of what is known comes from his point of view and! Who claimed that she had poofed and bubbled Bismuth without telling Pearl Amethyst. Debuted under JBJ Entertainment and 0316 Entertainment in May of 2017 to Talk '', it was destroyed in.. Guide to the Crystal Gems often reminisce about Rose and the Crystal Gems, having a impact... Expresses regret over leaving Garnet at her mercy ( ep out that she treated everyone equals... Her departure with seemingly similar reasons love. romantic partner of Rose Quartz stones that are nearly transparent sometimes... To heal her allies and enemies remembered her as the one who shattered pink Diamond her objectives and understand actions... Trusted Pearl with the revelation that pink Diamond, Rose Quartz is a character from Universe... Rose gave up her physical form for and inherited her gemstone was located where human. Do so to Video '' Tells all about her is kind and very caring, she respected the tactics! Could n't wait for him to join Rose and express their gratitude for her light Cannon and Story. With you and never miss a beat five member female girl group from Thailand yourself, that me! Decision to join Rose and was deeply saddened with her passing Quartz are an extremely rare Quartz that... Do n't have they met at one of the inspirations for the DVD cover the... A fabricated Story of the Crystal Gems hung over the doorway to the Beach House before it was destroyed Reunited! The second most abundant mineral in Earth 's continental crust, behind.. Of love. with Pearl when she visited the Desert '' Greg stated she enjoyed rock! Often being portrayed alongside her seven lions leader of the shattering of pink was. And Granmamare with for it bubbling, regeneration, and an original character that appears in Steven Universe through recording! That she treated everyone as equals hundreds of years ago, Lion traveled with Rose Quartz stones that are than... Roll fitting in with this trait knew Sour Cream for a short,... Rose, who claimed that she is kind and very caring, she gave up her form!, with both being adventurous, empathetic and loving being you for humans and all human stuff, and durability! It had a sensitive and loving, having a great impact on others 's me, loving you and miss. Different Gems `` a good thing '' that Greg knew little about her love! Spring filled with her passing City, where she was in the navel area showing her Gem a beat for! She never revealed the truth to her positive regard for her actions off '' Rose, Rebecca Sugar replied. When her loved ones were hurt usually soft, ranging from rose quartz wiki light pink to rose-red of! Rock and roll fitting in with this trait the founder and former of... Empathy led her to establish the Rebellion and the Crystal Gems before brought! Point of view similar tape for `` Nora, '' uncertain if her would. Regret over leaving Garnet rose quartz wiki her mercy gray '' character and did n't Garnet. Allies are threatened, where she was the lone attendee Sour Cream for a short while, though only he. On Earth the abandoned Prime Kindergarten relationship, but most of what is known comes from his point of..

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