The position comes with challenges but is very rewarding for the right people. School nurse job duties require excellent organizational and communication skills. The first school nurse, Lina Rogers, was appointed in 1902 to tend to … Introduction. When the first school nurse was hired in New York City in 1902, her primary goal, according to the National Association of School Nurses, was to reduce student absences from communicable diseases. Nurses keep children healthy … The nurse supports student success by providing health care through assessment, intervention, and follow-up through a school setting. Traditionally, the school nursing role was designed to support educational achievement by promoting student attendance. The role of a school nurse isn't easy to define in a short, simple sentence. School nurses usually have a degree in Nursing and a valid national certification. It isn't something cut and dry, easy to determine, and simple to assign; in fact, it’s probably easier to define with a really long, really elaborate, really complicated run-on sentence with lots of semicolons and Oxford commas, that inevitably induces double vision, headaches, and a visit to the nurse. Knowledge of basic computer software is a plus, as nurses … The school nurse serves in a vital role that bridges health care and education. The nurse … In the years since Lina Rogers first implemented the practice of school nursing, the role … The school nurse has an important role in the welfare of school-aged children around the world. The nurse must be able to provide services while maintaining standards of practice in an ever-changing society.

school nurse role

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