As important a role as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions play, we also need to focus on noxious emissions versus coal. The trees were turned into wood pellets for burning in power plants in Europe. ... on lifecycle carbon emissions from burning wood pellets. ... will burn biomass can count those CO2 emissions … A loophole in carbon-accounting rules is spurring a boom in burning wood pellets in European power plants. The result has been a surge in logging, particularly in the U.S. South, and new doubts about whether Europe can meet its commitments under the Paris accord. The CO2 in wood combustion emissions is considered “carbon-neutral” because the amount of CO2 emitted during combustion is basically equivalent to the amount of CO2 trees need to grow the same quantity of wood. Wood can be harvested from forests, from woodlots that have to be thinned, or from urban trees that fall down or have to be cut down. Breathing easier - pellet emissions vs coal Sustainability should be top of mind for any company that wants to stay in the game in today’s world. Wood pellets produced in managed forests in the southern hemisphere are shipped to Europe where they are burned. Using wood, wood pellets, and charcoal for heating and cooking can replace fossil fuels and may result in lower CO2 emissions overall. The wood pellets industry claims that it uses tree branches and waste wood, ... And the fuel burned in shipping wood pellets to Europe is also a significant source of emissions.

wood pellet co2 emissions

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